Living off the Grid

I spent the last summer living off the grid.

By living off the grid, I don’t mean unplugging my phone and ignoring Instagram for the weekend. I traded in my modern, city home – where electricity flows freely for a simple, solar-powered cabin on a beautiful remote island near Desolation Sound, British Columbia.

A far cry from any Whole Foods or Starbucks, the only way to get to our cabin is by boat or water taxi. There is no electricity on the island, so residents typically rely on solar for power and a back-up generator, as needed. Since there is no garbage collection and limited recycling options – you are responsible for taking everything with you when you leave.

Without a grid to tap into or grocery store down the street, we got pretty good at planning and conscious of our consumption.

We learned to be patient and live with less.

We loved taking the time to make our coffee & tea every morning.

We didn’t take ice cubes or avocados for granted. 🙂

We enjoyed being part of a close-knit community.

I didn’t miss my hair dryer or toaster or Netflix.

I grew vegetables and herbs that we could actually eat.


My first summer off the grid brought me here to share my experiences and learn from yours with the goal of living a healthier, happier, more sustainable life.



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